Friday, November 06, 2015

Preserving the Active Workset

The Active Workset is a user setting. We can each work using a different Active Workset.

However there is a circumstance where I can affect what the Active Workset is for others.
When I Synchronize with Central (SwC) my Active Workset will be the one any user that OPENS the project afterward will see. That is true until another user uses SwC. Then anyone who creates their local file after them will inherit their Active Workset...and around the bush we go.
It's important to remember to check the Active Workset as soon as your Local File opens.
Keep in mind that other users that are already working in the file will not see a change, their own preference will remain the same. It affects anyone who creates their local file later.

We can agree as a team to always use SwC with a specific Active Workset in play. I can't really expect that to happen every time if I have difficulty remembering to set the Active Workset correctly for my own purposes. I just try hard to remember to check the Active Workset setting before creating any new elements AND especially as soon as I get my Local File open.

We can also remember to take advantage of the Gray Inactive Worksets feature (see image above) to help make it more obvious that we aren't using the correct Active Workset.

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