Monday, August 27, 2012

Can't Alter Create New Local Selection

Said another way, the "Create New Local" option is disabled (gray'd out).

I've written about this in the past. My post focused on the network relationship between local and central files. It boils down to the central file being created by a user whose computer is mapped to the server and project folder in one manner and the person who can't manipulate the "Create New Local" option is mapped differently. As long as this condition exists this "rogue" person won't be able to synchronize their work, sadness ensues.

Daryl wrote about this occurring because of different software versions and Luke echoed his post later. While this certainly can and does happen we just need to take care that we don't actually save a file that has been opened in a newer version of Revit unless everyone is prepared to upgrade their project files too (assuming a large team all using Revit).

It's been my experience that the network path conflict is the more frequent culprit, or at least the one with the greatest "danger". Remember if you don't know why the option isn't available to you, check with someone to make sure you can continue safely. Said another way, "Be afraid, be very afraid".


Dave Baldacchino said...

Seen it at my current workplace. Culprit is that on the network, the file server has a NetBios name that is different than the FQDN (fully qualified domain name). Ex: some users have their drive letter pathed to "my_server" while others have it pathed to "my-server". Besides re-connecting the drive letter, you can browse for your central file through the Network node (UNC path) by using the original servername used when creating the central file. If eyetee know what they're doing, they could (should) automate login scripts to map everyone to the correct servername.

Steve said...

Yes, seen it at a number of places in the last couple years. Once was because of old, one new, oops. The key is everybody has to match whoever created the central file.

Unknown said...

Similar to this topic. When I open a Central File, I do NOT want the Create New Local checked. Is this a setting that can be changed?

ambrozote said...


Could this also happen after an update to Revit Release 2?