Saturday, June 05, 2010

Guide Grids

Robert Manna recently posted some observations about the new Guide Grid feature that arrived with Revit 2011. It is intended to provide a bit more control over the view alignment between sheets. I complained about this process in an earlier post. It was only a month or so later that I saw a sneak peak of the Guide Grid concept.

It's probably simplistic of me to say so but it seems to me that it is an expansion of the existing Show Work Plane feature present for model views. I came to that conclusion because it shares the exasperating limitation of only allowing one dimension value to control the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the grid.

If you are interested in a little deeper commentary just read Robert's post. For now, if you use this new feature, just remember:

Don't DELETE a grid in the sheet view if you don't want to see it anymore. Set the Guide Grid value to none for the sheet or use Visibility/Graphics in the sheet view to turn it off.

If you delete a guide grid you'll remove it for all the sheets. You should get this warning though in an attempt by Revit to save you from yourself.

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Architect said...

This feature will save me from having to make my own grid in my title block families.

Aaron Maller said...

I commend that theyre TRYING to do something about it finally, but more convenient for me at least, is that we can now snap through viewports to modeled objects. SHOULD it be necessary? no. Constructability never got better because drawings were OCD neat on a page. having said that, even while i never obsessed over it in Revit, it DID slow me down, because the lack of snapability means more moving delicately with the mouse, rather than moving quickly and snapping. I commend the Factory on that, at least.

Regarding the Guide Grid, i hope its a best first guess. We looked at it, and its neat, but it doesnt bring anything to the table that we dont already have in our TitleBlocks. That said, its rediculously limiting. Do some quick math on any sheet size, and point me to a Detail Box that ends up square on a sheet. Working through 4 offices- one with the NCS, and three with independant standards, im yet to see it.

BUT, its GREAT to see them responding to user desires, and starting to investigate the fit, finish, and polish of the software, finally.

Manuel.a7 said...

so.. revit 2015 and still no improve on this...

Anonymous said...

so.. revit 2017 and still no improvement on this

Anonymous said...

So.. Revit 2023 and still no improvement on this...