Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apples iPad

When I first saw the iPhone I wanted to get one but didn't until a year after it was available. Just couldn't justify the premium to get in early. Once that settled down I was in! Before that I was pretty slow to get interested in the iPod and I really didn't get the interface despite it being so "obvious" some anyway.

With this new product I find myself interested again, like the iPhone but again not really prepared to plunk down $500 for it. I don't use the phone part of the iPhone much really so I could practically get away with just the iPad. I'm among those who want one...just a question of when. Hopefully the numerous references to the product's name relating to feminine hygiene products won't last too long.

Now getting to use Revit on it would be very interesting to this blogger too! Had to include that part otherwise this post would be completely off topic!


Gabe Cottam said...

But what's the "killer app"??

It's cool, but why do we NEED to have one?

Steve said...

I don't NEED it...but I want it. I don't NEED an iPhone but I'm glad I have one. Jim Balding just sent me a link to Microsoft's secret (not so secret) MS Courier, a booklet that has two "iPad's" that fold open into a book form factor.

Either one of these could be very interesting...

Rod Howarth said...

Why not just get something like this:

It actually runs windows 7, so you can run programs like Revit on it(and more than 1 thing at a time!)

You won't be able to run Revit on the ipad, it runs the iphone operating system, not osx. Only approved apps can be downloaded and only through the app store, then you can only run them one at a time. And if Apple decides to, they can delete the app off your device.

I see no reason to support the iPad personally. And plenty of reasons not to:

As a side note, At AU the keynote was talking about mobile computing having uses for Autodesk products, and one of the ways was using augmented reality. Not possible on the iPad as it doesn't have a camera.

hanum said...

really awesome gadget. Great innovation. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Numerous posts about being able to use VNC clients like Citrix and RDP sessions on iPad, so Revit is a possibility. Ballmer's demo of HP Slate and Windows 7 at CES was horrible. 16:9 ratio would suck for anything except HD video. Ballmer actually said OOPS during his demo because his fat fingers couldn't hit the tiny taskbar icons at the bottom.

This device is a game-changer. Don't be limited into thinking it's only a big iPod Touch. iPhone OS is OS X, just a limited version. iPad OS is a more-powerful version. Multi-tasking should be supported in version 4.0 due later this spring.

aireq said...

Revit on a 1GHZ device with no physical memory? Yeah I'll believe that when I see it.