Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Revit History in a Timeline

Every now and then I read some mention of Revit History. Today was a tweet via Twitter which mentions the wiki at Triple D Design.

Beau Turner started a wiki (Fall of 2005) focused on Revit (ADT too) and I helped out by setting up the basic outline of topics that you'll see there. I also contributed much of the content under the heading "The History of Revit".

I haven't visited the wiki in a long time because, sadly, it became more work to remove the spam that it received than actually adding meaningful content. It was a daily ritual of visiting the site, remove spam...only to realize that I spent all the time I could afford just doing that. This is why it is necessary to login.

Unfortunately that didn't slow down the spamming. As a result the timeline is a bit stale now while the AUGI version I will mention in a moment is up to date, except for documenting when builds were released (a wish list item). Their is some potential for making the wiki quite useful but it has languished.

Backing up a bit, in September 2003 David Conant (with Revit Technology Corp. and now Autodesk) posted a timeline for Revit. David's original post was made when the AUGI Revit forums were still part of Zoogdesign's Revit forums. I've taken over editing the post since then and do so when each new release cycle comes around.

I have links to both the AUGI hosted timeline and the Wiki in the sidebar on the right side of this blog under Revit Links.

There is also a Revit User's Manual at WikiBooks. A variety of people have been contributing to it since as early as 2006.

Previous mentions of Beau's Wiki here at Revit OpEd:
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