Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The First Number or Value - Template Setup

When you place a component, like a door, Revit provides a unique Mark parameter value. Same thing happens when you place a grid. Have you started a new project, placed a door and found a nice number like 234? How about a grid value of 2 or 15 instead of just 1 or A? Not all elements get a unique number automatically, such as furniture or casework for example. Those two just get a blank value.

Fortunately this issue is pretty quick to resolve. Just open your template, place a new component or grid and renumber the Mark/Name parameter so that it has the number just before the one you want your user to get with the template when they get started. This works fine for numbers but I'm not sure what to do about letters. If you want the grid to start with A...what comes before A? I've tried to get it to start with A again...but no joy.

I made a short video that shows what I'm writing about.


Anonymous said...

For the grid starting with 'A' could you do 'Z' (or lowercase 'z'?) or would that return 'AA' ('aa')?

iyyy69 said...

@ dailyoccurrence: it returns 'AA' ('aa').

Just for fun, I tried a bunch of non-letters/numbers, e.g. "/", "@", etc. ... thinking it might "reset" itself... no go.

ironweed said...

actually doing one for revit mep

DaveP said...

My guess would be that it looks at the ASCII value of the last grid value. The ASCII value just before "A" is "@".

Doesn't work, though. :-(