Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Detail Level Icons - 2010

In the previous releases we've had the following icons for Detail Levels: Coarse, Medium and Fine.

With 2010 we now have these.

While I appreciate the more accurate portrayal I do find it "harder" to determine at a glance which detail level is used now. Since they all have the "same" kind of pattern I now have to actually stare at the icon longer. Perhaps it is just my aging eyes but with the previous empty white square it was easy to just glance and see that Coarse detail level was in use or not. It is still harder (for me) to determine whether medium or fine were being used with the older version too but then not a lot of views use Fine by comparison.

Remember that the Detail Level settings are also available in the View Properties dialog. I haven't used that route since the View Control Bar was added though. Well I have altered the setting in the dialog but only because I already happened to be there doing something else.


Kevin Kernaghan said...

Maybe it's just a departure from what I'm used to, but I thought all of the lower-left screen icons are considerably less readable than their previous examples. The lightbulb for "reveal hidden elements" became considerably smaller, the "show crop region" and "crop" buttons are much busier icons than they were previously (what was wrong with showing a red line through the crop symbol???), and i agree completely with your detail level rant. I know it went through charette processes and was focus-group-engineered to death, but they missed some of the much bigger hindrances, like the redundant "print setup" window. Add this to ribbons that now I have a barely-perceptible but uncontrollable gradient animation when you mouse over them and I just see bloat, bloat, bloat in a program that I was seriously hoping was going to go on a diet.

/end rant

Ben said...

This change is and example of one of the more frustrating "updates" with 2010, as a long term user it caused my a few mintutes of utter confusion to sit there looking at the coarse icon and wondering why my plan wasnt in medium detail level!

Not hard to get used to but will catch me out for a while yet!

Anonymous said...

Yes... i agree... PLUS the inherit "logic" behind the menus is gone and replaced by something worse... NOT the ribbon... but the way the ribbon is used.

I always liked Revit because it had a "apple"-like attention to detail... no menus flickered... there was also this LOGIC you had to go through to get something done.

Now there is no logic... the menus flicker AND the Finish is ALWAYS moving ... it is never in the same actual place on the screen.

Anonymous said...

must "improve" gui by making it prettier.... who cares if it functions....

if i wanted a pretty thing that wasn't practical i'd get an apple or a jag, if i want a TOOL for WORK i want it to look professional, not like some flash addled 16 year old design wanna be got a hold of it.