Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dept. of Subtle - Seeing Double?? Revit 2010 QAT

This one was sent to me by Eric Stewart with Design Development Architects. He thought he was seeing double on the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT, new term for 2010). First he thought that he added the same tool twice. Upon closer inspection he realized that Copy and Create Similar were...well...similar!

Careful...you have to make sure you are seeing "double discs" when you want to Copy!! Thanks Eric!

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Kevin said...

Speaking of the QAT, is it a bug that the "Synchronize to Central" button in the "Collaborate" tab of the Ribbon disappears if you uncheck the "Synchronize to Central" button in the Quick Access Toolbar? It doesn't happen with the "3D View" button or "Modify." Strange.