Friday, February 13, 2009

Math - Data Entry

Various parameters types will accept mathematical equations as valid data. This means you can do some "math" within a parameter instead of figuring what the value you need is elsewhere and then enter it into Revit. To do so you must enter the equal sign (=) first followed by the formula.

As an example: I have three items that need to fit within an available space that is 12 feet wide. I'd like the middle item to be centered between the other two. Yes, I could add a dimension between just the three elements and use the EQ control. But less obvious perhaps and the reason for this post is that I can enter a calculation into the dimension field instead.

Formula is this: =((12'-5')-2.5')/2
In plain english:

Overall Space minus two Desk Widths minus one Desk Width divided by two

The result:

Yes it is easier in this case to do this instead...just discussing possibilities.

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