Saturday, February 07, 2009

2008-2009 Visitor Statistics

I write this blog because I enjoy doing so. I admit it is a selfish pleasure. I didn't start out with that knowledge, I found that out as I went along. I don't remember when but I hooked up Google Analytics to the blog. I just decided to check the past year's statistics. This is the map of the 111,372 visitors who hail from 171 countries that stopped by my little corner in the blogoshere.

The countries that lack a shade of green are apparently countries that have not yet been touched by "Revit fever"? Well, regardless, according to Google Analytics people from those countries have not visited this site yet!

This is a capture of the sawtooth pattern of visiting going on...the spikes are roughly mid-week and the dips are the weekends. The greatest number of visits on a single day was 650.

I'd like say thanks to the readers that enjoy what I do here! It is gratifying to know that people like it. I also appreciate the comments and the chance to interact!



spg said...

Well, I'm also not touched by the "Revit fever" - but as an ArchiCAD user/designer I still enjoy knowing what's the rest of the world is doing.
So, greetings from a pale-green Hungary.

Dave Baldacchino said...

Wow, congrats Steve! That is an impressive amount of visits. Thanks for sending me regular traffic to my blog too ;) I started a year ago and you got me curious to check my numbers: 2008-2009 (with today's date)saw a total of 17,070, slightly above 10% of your followers 8) Man I gotta work harder!! Oh, and my all time high was september 24th with 206 visits from 190 visitors (again, harder work!). Although now with feeds being so popular, subscribers hardly ever visit the actual site.