Monday, June 11, 2007

Revit Structure - New Build (20070607_1700)

Announced today, the following is from the text at Autodesk's Revit Structure 2008 site.

This build (20070607_1700), addresses issues related to:
  • Track Changes toolbar is missing with third-party application.
  • Very small dimension rounding error inaccuracy for the levels in the default structural project templates.
  • Duplication of some structural steel framing and column .rfa content in UK Library.
  • Unable to open .rvt file containing imported/linked .dwg with incorrect boundary hatch.
  • Incorrect estimated reinforcement volume of rebar.
  • Crash when importing .dwg or .dxf with the presence of an older version of DWG TrueView on the computer.
  • Beam’s analytical model auto-adjusted to slab doesn’t update when slab is deleted.
    Column’s analytical model auto-adjusted to slab doesn’t update when moved out of tolerance.
  • Unsuccessful manual analytical adjustment of a beam to the end of a wall.
    Beam whose vertical z-Direction Justification was set to "Other" had the analytical model in the wrong position.
  • For a selected Line, Hide Category in View affects all Categories of Lines.
  • Some Detail, Plan, or Section Callouts are erroneously hidden in cropped views.
  • Masking Regions in Tag Families do not obscure elements in project and in exports.
  • Filled Regions containing Solid Fills, which are overridden to be Transparent, print inconsistently between Vector and Raster modes.
  • Instability with Overlay Planes turned off in Graphics Settings.
  • Some Crop Regions are not visible in Views in upgraded files and templates.
  • Display problems in a View when zooming with OpenGL® hardware acceleration turned on.
  • Copying nested links from the Project Browser places only the Link and not its nested components.
  • Elements do not refresh in views when deselected.
  • Product Registration for multiple products in Subscription returns “Invalid Serial Number.”

You can DOWNLOAD it here!

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