Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Build for Revit MEP 2008 (2007_0615_1700)

Autodesk has posted a new build for Revit MEP 2008 to presumably bring into alignment with the recent new builds for the the other versions of Revit. The following text is posted on the download page at Autodesk's Revit MEP site.

This build, (2007_0615_1700), addresses issues related to:
  • Face-hosted elements deleted when loading linked model.
  • Crash occurs when resizing a column after disabling Embedded Schedule functionality.
  • Connector cannot be placed on a Blend.
  • Panel Schedule cannot be generated using a Panel set to Switchboard Part Type.
  • Switch System deleted if included Device added to existing Circuit.
  • Gaps in surfaces occur in gbXML export in certain complex geometries.
  • Crash occurs when defining certain Energy Analysis parameters on non-bounded Room.
  • Conditional Schedule Formatting not working when condition applied to a different Field than condition terms.
  • For a selected Line, Hide Category in View affects all Categories of Lines.
  • Some Detail, Plan or Section Callouts are erroneously hidden in cropped views.
  • Masking Regions in Tag Families do not obscure elements in project and in exports.
  • Filled Regions containing Solid Fills, which are overridden to be Transparent, print inconsistently between Vector and Raster modes.
  • Instability with Overlay Planes turned off in Graphics Settings.
  • Some Crop Regions are not visible in Views in upgraded files and templates.
  • Display problems in a View when zooming with OpenGL® hardware acceleration turned on.
  • Copying nested links from the Project Browser places only the Link and not its nested components.
  • Elements do not refresh in views when deselected.
  • Product Registration for multiple products in Subscription returns “Invalid Serial Number.”
  • Unable to open .rvt file containing imported/linked .dwg with incorrect boundary hatch.
Download it Here

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