Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Making New Sheets

Did you know that you can copy a sheet to clipboard and paste a new sheet into the project browser? Now you DO!

Add a new sheet, rename and number it (or use an existing sheet). In the Project Browser select the sheet and press CTRL + C (Window's copy to clipboard shortcut). Then immediately press CTRL + V (Window's paste from clipboard shortcut). The new view is added and renumbered based on the next number using the previous and using the same name as the previous as well, as fast as Emeril can say "BAMM".

For what it is worth when you select a sheet and Right Click you can choose Copy to Clipboard. No Right Click > Paste From Clipboard however 8-(

Happy pasting!!!

Keep in mind that this will only work if the sheet has NO views on it!


Anonymous said...

That's handy! When adding multiple sheets of wall sections or interior elevations, they come in with the sheet name.

If using Worksets, however, you can't use an existing sheet - you need to create a new sheet, and copy/paste it. I've tried making every workset (including Project Standards, Views, & Families) editable, but still wasn't able to copy/paste an existing sheet.

Steve said...


When I tried this, the first time if behaved as you described but when I tried subsequent times I was able to. When I tried to start fresh and do it again I was able to copy/paste. Seems a bit inconsistent where worksets are involved.

Michael said...


It seems that technique will only work on bare sheets, which have no views, legends or schedules on them. I've also noticed that Ctrl-V will only work if you focus the active view (click out of the project browser).

You can also copy multiple "bare" sheets at a time, from one project to another or the same project.