Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thumbnail Explorer Released into the Wild

Raizlabs has released Thumbnail Explorer. This is an interesting product, a graphical search engine for your PC and network, with interesting possibilities for viewing/finding Revit content not to mention other file types.

From the website:

  • Thumbnail Explorer is the perfect tool for anyone who deals with graphics, office files or CAD and has more then a handful of files.

  • The software allows you to quickly and easily find any file across multiple folders without browsing or using Windows search. As you type a part of file name Thumbnail Explorer will show a list of thumbnails and will enable you to work with corresponding files without resorting to Windows Explorer.

  • Search and thumbnail extraction done as background process that guarantees interactive responsiveness even when searching through hundreds of thousands of files.

  • The software features tight integration with Windows Explorer. Double click or drag and drop search results into their native applications. Or right click to see the same context menu as in Windows Explorer.

  • Customize our tabbed interface to your work environment and files

  • Easy to use interface requires no training

  • Do you recognize the name Raiz? Leonid Raiz is one of the two founders of Revit, Irwin Jungreis being the other. Leonid's son Gregory founded Raizlabs 1997. Leonid has been working, in his spare time, on Thumbnail Explorer since retiring from Autodesk about two and half years after selling Revit to Autodesk. He recently released it to a small beta group and is now pleased to release it to the general public as a Raizlabs product.

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