Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Survey Says...Got Rendering?

Autodesk has created another Revit survey to gather information about Rendering. If you are one of the group clamoring for Vizrender, Vray, Maya, Blender, Max, Artlantis, Maxwell, or just want Accurender 4...maybe something entirely different inside? Now is your chance to tell Autodesk what you really think about the rendering engine inside Revit. Take the


It stays live for the next 10 days "ish"...and it takes a little less than 10 minutes assuming you don't write an essay in the comments field 8-)


Anonymous said...

I don't care if you post this comment or not, but here it is:

The survey about rendering and the earlier survey concerning unit plans are two of the most encouraging things I am aware of concerning the development of Revit. I was disappointed in Revit 9 (expectations vs. the advances that were provided). Each of these surveys indicates that something may happen in Revit 10.

However, I learned of both surveys via this blog. I am registered with AutoDesk everywhere, beta tested the past 3 releases (the public betas -- not the real ones), etc. One would think that AutoDesk would publicize these things more widely.

Steve said...

I post all comments regardless of content except for spam/advertising.

I learned of the surveys from posts at AUGI's Revit forums and posted them here to spread the word.

While I'm pleased with a with nearly all of the things done in 9 I appreciate the feeling of dissatisfaction that folks are expressing.

There are many things people want, many projects vying for attention and only so much people can accomplish in the six or so months since the previous release.

I'm a bit sympathetic for the work of the "factory" because I'm fortunate to know quite a few of the people doing the work and I know their passion is far greater than mine for Revit and its success. Perhaps that makes it easier for me to be satisfied or at least patient for more.

Keep the faith!

Lynn said...

Thanks for posting the survey links, Steve. As to the earlier comment -- we are worried about how to get to people who don't read AUGI. It's an ongoing project for us at the Factory. Ideas would be very welcome. We are not allowed to "spam" all the subscribers of our products with email all the time, so we have to be more creative. If anyone has any ideas about how to reach people who are not just the core AUGI crowd, we'd love to discuss.

--Lynn Cherny, Revit Product Design

Tim Gibson said...

Lynn: how about a communication centre like Autocad has?

DieHardX said...

i am a revit user since revit 5 or 4 to now, version 9. just give me something that is not slow. vray and mental ray are the strongest in the planet with very advanced and fast engine. please consider them!