Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Case of the Missing Section Mark

This is a file pulled from the Department of Frequently Asked Questions Department...

One of those gotchas that get folks when they starting cranking in make a section view, just because it is soooo easy. You open another view and it isn't there! You look in another and it is! Check yet another and it isn't! Confusing to be sure.

The solution to this is a wordy parameter called "Hide at Scales Coarser Than" lurking in the properties of the view.

If you create a section in a view that is set to a scale of 1/8"-1'-0" (1:100) the section view will acquire the same scale unless you choose another. The "really long wordy parameter that I won't write again" will also acquire this same scale. Any scale that is coarser than 1/8"=1'-0" (1:100) will not show the section annotation. A scale of 1/4"=1'-0" will show it because it is a finer scale value. Make sense?

You'll either love it or hate it...but I think you'll learn to like it even if it gives you a hard time the first time around. It is intended to automatically prevent the section annotation from littering your coarser views.

Here's a screen shot of the property dialog with the "RLWPTIWWA" parameter circled.

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