Thursday, January 12, 2006

News at 9:48 (SOM + Z = Wow!)

Finally a message I could understand made it in from Freddy. He's learned that my friend (me bragging!) Chris Zoog has decided to join SOM (Skidmore Owings & Merrill)in NYC. I'm very happy for him and wish him the best!!!! Go Zman!

Just in case you've only recently become aware of Revit and don't know who Chris is? He's been using Revit professionally since Revit was in "diapers". He is one of the several guys who really helped make Revit viable for the "on the bleeding edge" crowd who started using Revit very early. How? By sharing so much content and knowledge that the rest of us climbed up on his coat tails and succeeded that much earlier. He'll blush a bit perhaps but it is true in my view!

Not only did he do this, but he started and hosted a Revit community bulletin board on a Linux server in his basement, just to see what would happen. We'll it grew fast, really fast and in the end he merged his database with AUGI's and what you now know as the Revit Community at AUGI was born in his basement. I'm grateful he did. I'm also glad he gave me a chance to contribute to the community in a meaningful way!

Thanks Chris!!

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Anonymous said...

Good for him! It looks like they are the cutting edge right now. I wish I could take a look in that office!