Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Speaking of Soffits - Ceiling Wish

In light of yesterday's post I wish we could unlock the layers of ceilings like we can for walls. In this image I've unlocked the Gypsum Wall Board layer so I can pull it down to the ceiling surface.

If I want to reverse the relationship and install the ceiling board so that it covers the bottom edge of each soffit I can only use the Cut Profile tool in a section view, which is view specific, not a modelling alteration.

Or perhaps use separate ceiling types for the finish layer of the ceiling apart from the framing of the ceiling. If we could just unlock the layer like walls can it would make it easy to "pull" the finish layer over instead.

Another wish for ceilings? Create by Face would be cool!


Danny Jones said...

How about a way to miter similar finishes with the wall! I hate having to use the invisible line tool.

Unknown said...

If you use a Compound Ceiling, you can divide into Parts and adjust by grips that way.

Mark B said...

Parts !! They work with ceilings as well.

Anonymous said...

My longtime wish is for an actual curtain system ceiling. The sloped glazing family works great for making detailed ACT or other grid based ceilings, but the family is a roof and not a ceiling. It would also be great to have a curtain system based floor for modeling access flooring.