Saturday, May 09, 2009

Revit 2010 - Edit/New = Edit Type

Another little change in language with the release of 2010.

When you open the Element Properties dialog you see this in previous releases, an Edit/New button. Edit for editing the Type Properties and New for the opportunity to make a new Type.

With 2010 the button just says Edit Type.

Once you are in the Type Properties the button for Duplicate is present.

The previous button implied you could Edit or create a New element. Or maybe I'm just used to that being possible so it makes sense now? With the 2010 language I just see Edit and no "clue" about how I'd make a "new" version or that it would even be possible. Only after the dialog opens does it become apparent. Maybe the average use won't be confused and they'll only care about how they make a new one later on?

I like the new Element Properties button. This permits us to open the instance properties dialog by clicking on the primary part of the so called Split Button or selecting the Type Properties from the two choices Instance or Type. Not less clicks on the "way in" but a little less mouse travel and one dialog to close instead so less clicks on the "way out".

I guess we'll see if anyone actually notices the difference and says one way or another?


Patrick Villella said...

I personally love this feature and think it's a good example of how the new interface can clarify steps and make them quicker to get to. It's great being able to get directly to Type Parameters through the 'split button'. As a side note, though, if you want to just edit 'Instance' parameters, just click the top part of the button - don't go to the split part of the button. Sure, Instance is there, but it's an extra click. It's just listed there as well to for 'discoverability'!

Patrick Villella
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Michael said...

Now i dont like this at all.
First it asumes you go to the Element Properties for Changing only and You know what to change.
When dealing with new Families you dont know what Parameters and what kind are in a Family, so first you have a the old way you could look up both Types and then make a desition what to change...
The real proplem with Element Properties have not been take care of
Modeless and clear Description of what Type does and Instance does...
so as i said i think its more than a step back