Thursday, May 07, 2009

RDB Link - Alive in the Labs

For those of you interested in connecting the Revit model to an external database Autodesk's It's Alive in the Lab blog announced today that they have such a feature available now, called "RDB Link".

Check it out? Maybe it will help!?!

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Tom Dorner said...

I tried the RDB Link today and it worked perfectly. It does take an understanding of proper DSN setup and then on the DB side knowing how to manage the data, write forms and reports etc. Raises the question: Should A/E firms now hire a DBA (database administrator) to manage the non-Revit side of the data. Schedules for instance could be done via Crystal Reports out of Access or SQL Server. Specs could also be done with some DB manipulation for those firms not wanting to go the full E-specs route. It's a brave new world now!