Sunday, May 03, 2009

Dept. of NfSCD - iPhone Tip

If you have an iPhone...

When the phone is off - Double Click the "Home" button - displays iTunes mini menu.

When the phone is on but "at home" - Double Click "Home" button - display Favorites (contacts)

When the phone is on - Press and hold the "Home" button then press Power button - Generates a screen capture of what is on screen and adds it to your camera roll.

Want more?

Applications I use:
Pandora - The Music Genome Project - Radio station that plays music you like based on the "type" of music based on artist or song selection. (free)

Yelp - location based recommendations for restaurants, bars etc. (free)

Shazam - Find out what that song is, hold you iPhone near the speaker and let it listen, pretty amazing.(free)

Clinometer - Cool level, yes as in a level to find out if something is "level", not tilted, "geek food". (not free)

NfSCD = "Now for Something Completely Different"

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swalton said...

Probably obvious to most people but it took me a few months to figure out: on the included headphones if you squeeze the mic it does pause/play and answer/hang-up call. squeeze twice to skip songs.