Tuesday, January 16, 2007

White Pawn takes Black Knight

Recent newsgroup question, "How do I get white text over a black background?" Like this:

Here's how:

Use a filled region to create the black background then edit your text/labels.
[True for 2009 and previous]
Color: White
Background: Opaque.

Amended for for 2010
Color: RGB 251,251,251 (nearly white, RGB 254,254,254 is displayed "black")
Background: Transparent

That's it!

Caution if you export sheet views to dwg you'll need to adjust your pen table to plot the text correctly. If you assign the text on the titleblock to its own layer you can tell AutoCAD to plot them using the object color so the text will plot over the background hatch. There are probably other options as well.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why doesn't this seem to work for 2010? Is there a secret?

Steve said...

Refer to the revised settings in the post.

Rob H. said...

How does this work in 2011? I tried with the text background as both transparent and opaque and it didn't work. the color is set to RGB 250. With the text background set as transparent it shows correctly on the screen but then it plots everything black (and yes I have tried to print in color and gray scale from the plot setup).

Rob H. said...

How does this work in 2011. I have my text color set to 250RGB and I have tried both transparent and opaque backgrounds. With transparent background it looks right but it plots all black. I have tried to plot as color and grayscale in the plot setup too.

JoelB said...

Rob: I don't suppose that it's with Bluebeam that you're experiencing this? I was, and then noticed that printing to a printer or another PDF driver worked fine. I updated my version of Bluebeam, and it seemed to fix the problem.

Bluebeam support subsequently suggested that a setting in my Bluebeam config had gotten changed, and that upgrading reset the settings. So, if your problem is with BB, you might want to investigate the settings and/or upgrade.