Monday, January 08, 2007

Viva la "BIM Revolution"!

A new blog surfaced in October 2006 called BIM Revolution. Created by Mark Hulme a Job Captain at Flewelling & Moody, an architecture firm in Pasadena, CA. His mission:

This blog has been created to detail the planning of and promote the Pasadena & Foothill Chapter of the AIA's 2007 Technology Symposium: BIM (r)Evolution: The Path In.

The site is also intended to become a repository of BIM information and resources as they become available, filtered by and for architects. Welcome, and thanks for joining us.

Keep an eye on it to see what develops!

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Mark J. Hulme, LEED AP said...

Thanks for the link - we have several sponsors and presenters lining up and I am excited to be able to make a few more announcements when the bits and pieces are finalized.

I look forward to making it down to the SCRUG meetings one of these days. Is there a central location where meeting dates and times are announced?

Thanks again.