Monday, January 20, 2020

Linked DWG Xref Overlay vs Attached Bug - Part Two

Two options exists to work around this situation (last post). One is easy and Revit focused but depends on the AutoCAD user a little and the second is impractical and depends on the AutoCAD user entirely.
  • Xrefs on their own layer
  • Xrefs always unloaded
If we can count on the AutoCAD user being consistent to assign all of the file's xrefs to a unique layer not shared by any other elements then we can still turn off the overlay xref when it shows up. This shouldn't be too difficult to achieve and many firms already have that standard for xrefs.

If the xref's are always unloaded before closing a file then they won't show up in a Revit project. That's pretty unlikely. It's inconvenient for AutoCAD users and forgetting just once and the system fails.


some dude said...

Alright then.
Autodesk system fail.

Anonymous said...

For what is worth, when first linked the layers of the overlay are not listed in the visibility/graphics of "imported category". Afterwards, following your procedure of closing the Revit session and opening, the overlay geometry is shown, the layers are listed and all checked to be visible.

This was done in Revit 2019.2.2

Steve said...

Yes, that's consistent with my observations. During a single session it will often behave. Opening a new session seems to be one of a couple things that will trigger the situation.