Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Reveal Elements - Hidden Viewport

The other day I was looking at a sheet a user reported it was impossible to select a floor plan view on. It seemed as though Revit did not see the view port on the sheet. People frequently pin views to make it a bit harder for other people to move them on a sheet accidentally. That will still allow a view port to be seen by Revit, it will still highlight as the cursor travels over it.

Then I thought of right-click Hide In View > Element. I used Reveal Elements and I could select the viewport. Using that tool does not hide what is visible in the view, it just disables the ability to select the view port.

Good? Bad? It isn't expected, well I didn't expect it.


IntegratedPractitioner said...

We have people who do this in order to "Hide" the View Title. We have a Viewport Type named "No Title" - so it's not necessary for them to use the "Hide in View" technique. In general, we discourage people from using "Hide in View" at all - especially when there are other/better alternatives. It should be a last resort. So, I say it's BAD!

Blue442 said...

I have been using this "feature" this week. =D
I have an RCP plan, and an MEP firm that did a bad job at revit.

There stuff was only drawn at one typical floor, in a floor plan view. Since it was a floor plan view - I was unable to link the view in my RCP.

Since we only wanted to see the ductwork in the RCP temporarily. I created my RCP and put it on a the sheet, then I created a wireframe plan view that linked directly to their typical mechanical plan view. Then aligned them on the sheet. Once we no longer wanted to print with the ductwork overlay, I slide the view down and hide it. It does not effect the plot setup.