Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Smooth or Stepped Stair Setting

I want the concrete corner stair to look like this.

When I finished it looked like this.. sad face...

A stair Run has two options for Underside Surface: Smooth and Stepped. Smooth is what I started with.

There are occasions when I want the underside to look like the second image above, if so I'd probably tackle that like THIS POST. In this situation I wanted the following appearance. I got it by changing the Structural Depth parameter to match the height of the stair.


Unknown said...

Hi Steve...funny that we can create the corner stair with
the default type of "7"max riser 11" tread but when switched to the
Monolithic stair it blows out...
So a funky workaround is to set the tread depth to be what it actually is for your stair run and set the tread material to be cast in place concrete

I can send you a screen shot if you want - you can email me at


Unknown said...

Hello Steve
It is odd that this works for the OTB Stair type 7" max riser 11" tread but not for stair type Monolithic
So I took a look at the type properties...if you change the Monolithic type to have a riser thickness that equals the actual riser height of your stair run and change the material to be cast in place concrete then you will get something that looks like the image you want.

Be nice if it just worked but yippee for the workaround

Leslie Smith