Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Earlier I wrote that Harry started a blog (Boost Your BIM) focused on using the Revit API to enhance your projects and process. He created his first formal application, Image-O-Matic, which is now available on the Autodesk Exchange. When I first saw it I thought about using it to document testing family parameters and types.

He decided to run a contest to encourage Revit users to get acquainted with the app. He offered up a tantalizing video of Marcello Sgambelluri's work to get your creative urge going. Visit his site for all the contest details. Here's an embedded copy of the video he posted.


Anonymous said...

Nice add-on! Looking forward to more innovation from you. From @MarcIzaks

Nick said...

I have to be honest, that Image-O-Matic is seriously the coolest thing since sliced bread. My only question is.. what should I do with the animation?

What would be wonderful is a way to preview the parametric family animation before placing it in your project. The Revit users in my firm would be spoiled if I could pull that off!

jaysyn said...

Has there been anyone using this app for Arch or MEP type functions yet?