Thursday, November 29, 2012

System Inspector Language

Yes, I'm picking on the poor inspector again, sorry! Have you ever noticed the tooltip?

The Latin text is a common placeholder for web site developers, writers and programmers alike. They need to show something until another person provides the correct wording. In this case it never got changed I suppose, or maybe somebody decided it really didn't need more accurate information to convey the idea.

This fits in my Dept.of Subtle quite nicely.


Anonymous said...

I prefer:

Sejim, derdago
Tousin buses inaro
Nojo, demstrux
Summit cowsin,
Summit dux

Jeff Hanson, Autodesk said...

The latin text in this tooltip is intentional. The Tooltip is showing what happens when the inspector is used. In this case text is displayed. For localization reasons (we can't localize the tool tip image) the latin was used as an "international" place holder. For the easter egg hunters there is at least one other tooltip where latin text was used for the same reason. Can you find it?

MikeJarosz said...

Latin text is frequently used by copy writers in the advertising and other text-writing industries. Curiously, it is called "greeking".

Q. Can anyone out there recite the Latin prepositions that take the ablative?

A. ab, de, ex, sine, pro, cum sub.