Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Watch for Web Update 2

Looks like an update is out, at least for Revit Structure at the moment, the blog BIM and Beam mentioned it.


Unknown said...

Here is the link for the Revit Architecture 2013 Update 2 download.

Here is link for the Readme.

I have not found the Enhancements Documentation yet.

Jason Bailly said...

Looks like Bim and Beam pulled the post. The links for download are still working though. I guess we just caught Autodesk a day behind again ;-)

Jason Bailly said...

The links work but it looks like Bim and Beam removed the post. I guess we caught Autodesk one day early again :-P

Rob said...

the ones for Arch are accurate as they emailed me with those same links as in the first comment on here. I had issues late yesterday and they responded with the update info.

Tim said...

What revit wants http://whatrevitwants.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/revit-2013-update-2-download-links.html
Has a full list of update 2 for all.

Unknown said...

Here is the official page.