Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Revit Family eBook

A new eBook is available for family editors out there. It's priced at $19.95 and weighs in at 16 chapters and 751 pages (virtual weight since it's an eBook). If you are familiar with the Little Details Count site then you are familiar with Michael Anonuevo's work. He's prepared a sampler PDF that you can download to evaluate before committing your Twenty. The sampler is 113 pages.

Seems to me that this book will undermine his content site? He's sharing his experience with everyone and now we won't need to buy his highly detailed content? :) His "loss" is our gain!

Click to Download the PDF.


Rob said...

my take on it is that there's a limited market for people buying such detailed families, however people wanting to make families would benefit from his information and knowledge. It's not a bad idea, though 16 chapters on just families... wow!

coreed said...

That's just the kind of guy Mike is. It's funny that Mike book has 16 chapters on Families and in Daniel Stine's book Families is Chaper 16. Go figure

JohnCenaXXX said...

In this world of piracy, Michael releases an ebook... this guy got some guts. Appreciate it. Have someone monitor file sharing sites once in few weeks. All the best.