Monday, December 05, 2011

Free Tools from Case Design

Just a quick one tonight, still burnt out from Autodesk University and Revit Technology Conference committee meetings.

The guys at Case Design created some free applications for Revit recently. They'd like you to know about them, as well as use them!

Just need to register (so they can spam you, teasing Don!), then you can try out their Change and Replace Line Styles, Revision Cloud Data Export to Text File and Door Mark Updater tools!

I'm bugging Don to work with him to build a cool "Where's my Stuff" tool, a clever way to track down things that go "missing in the night" since there's only something like 30+ ways that things can get "disappeared".

Oh, I'll be finishing up my last day at AU post tomorrow...I hope! ;)

1 comment:

Nick said...


These Revit tools look like they could be quite useful but the installation of them seems a bit odd (online installation?).

I have been using my own in-house version of the Line Style tool that takes a long list of crazy user created line styles and consolidates them into the "company standard".

Anyhow, always nice to see free Revit tools (if I could just get past my fear of online installation!)