Thursday, July 22, 2010

Point Known - Build Your Model as you Measure

PKNail is software that is being developed by PointKnown Building Solutions. The purpose of the software is to improve the process of measuring existing buildings and then building a model using Revit.

It's based upon using the Leica Disto D8 surveying tool.

The software is not yet commercially available but I just received an email that shares a video (posted at YouTube) that demonstrates how it works. It is a little over 8 minutes long. If you've ever measured an existing building you might want to spend 8 minutes and watch. Jim Foster is the person doing the demo and he has a blog called BIM, the Built Environment and Stuff. I've embedded the YouTube video here if you want to listen to it now. I recommend watching it full screen though.

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Jim Foster said...


Solid. Thanks for the mention and the post. We will be adding more videos demonstrating other features as things progress. Have an awesome summer.