Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dept. of Bugs - Sloping Pad Defect gets Ornery

I wrote about THIS back in August of 2009. The sliver left behind in the image below could be eliminated by taking the advice in that post. Unfortunately 2011 eliminates that technique from the ranks of viable alternatives, per Jean-Frederic Monod's comment on the earlier post.

Possible workaround? Use a pad to drop the site toposurface to the lowest elevation and then use a floor to create the sloped and flat "pads" instead??

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Adam Sheather said...

Hi Steve

I recently did a Sunk Rail line. I ended up with a Slab, then a PAD then the Site under it for more areas. However I also had a subway line which I had to use a slab for. For that area I took a chunk of the site out and model a very very thick floor then set the topo using the floors tools and carved my openings in the floor. Not the best but hey it got the job done.