Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Space Room Update Tool Available from Avatech

I approached Beau Turner with Avatech prior to Autodesk University 2008 about creating a routine to manage the relationship between spaces and rooms in Revit MEP. It has been a good month for extensions as I very recently posted that Autodesk released one too! While the Autodesk tool is good the Avatech solution does a bit more. Autodesk's is available to subscription members only while Avatech's is free to anyone! You'll have to judge for yourself.

Some features of the Avatech solution:
a) You can change only those spaces you have selected (filter first then run the tool) and choose that option.

b) Handle projects that use phasing.
c) Handle situations where there is more than one space in a room (common for analytical purposes) and provide a configurable setup so you can input your numbering standard (ex. Room 101 with 2 spaces becomes 101.A, 101.B (or whatever scheme you need to use via the config file).

d) Once run it will tell you how many spaces it changed/updated
e) Once run it will inform you whether there were any spaces that could not be updated (typical of UnPlaced Spaces created in schedules similar to Rooms)

f) This does not require a subscription account to access
g) This can be installed via batch script to multiple users

Download it NOW!
Scroll to the bottom of the page. Thanks Avatech, Beau and Matt!

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