Tuesday, December 09, 2008

TurboSquid Contest - Revit Content

Warning...Sales "pitchish"...

TurboSquid is a popular site for 3D content that is branching out into the Revit Family realm. In partnership with Autodesk, they just opened up their "Revit Market", a marketplace especially for user-generated Revit families. "Revit Market" is designed to complement Autodesk Seek.

To encourage users to publish Revit families for sale, TurboSquid is holding a Revit Contest with cash prizes up to $2500. Deadline is Jan. 31, 2009.

A little bit about them clipped from their site:

TurboSquid is:

The largest library of 3D products for sale in the world.
A clearinghouse for digital artists to make money selling their content.
A place to find premium plug-ins for 3D software applications.
A forum for 3D professionals to exchange ideas.
A service accessible by a traditional website as well as our free, downloadable client applications for PC and Mac.
A production tool to help digital artists more rapidly find, preview and acquire essential content.

The TurboSquid Mission:

Our goal is to revolutionize the way that 3D products are bought, sold and delivered by creating a new and focused digital marketplace designed to offer large selections of affordable products while providing maximum returns to intellectual property owners. We strive to provide unmatched value and support to our partners, content creators and customers while creating a stimulating and exciting environment to accomplish our plans.

EDIT: They've started a blog called Revit Market.


Anonymous said...

turbosquid for revit has already been disappointing, the navigation of the site is nothing pleasant.

for example. i get to main page, click on the big image that says "revit families" and immediately see a bunch of 3DSMax objects. quite an odd way to arrive. then upon looking at some revit files, i notice most aren't even native revit families but more like imported 3D DWGs. then going back isn't as easy as using the back button, that brings you back to a blank page sometimes, and other times all the way back to the first page.

all in all the idea is quite nice, but i'm not prepared to spend money on objects that might or might not be parametric, i'm also not about to spend money on objects when more and more sites are offering the EXACT same families for free.

TurboSquid has some serious fixing to do before convincing me of using it.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with ANON, If it is Sales pitch'ish, its bad. All of the above comments AND - Some of that content comes from the install DVD, and the examples on the site are poor quality - I'm not going to pay for it twice!
TurboSquid would have been better off having one or two REALLY good quality sample families to download with the promise of more to come. As it is - I won't be hurrying back.

Steve said...

I'm sure they'll be interested in your comments. I don't think they have made content yet, certainly not themselves...their approach is to have users submit content and define how much they want for the content. So if you don't like the content...you can make it and post it and sell it...

My post is intended to alert people to "A" its existence and "B" the contest, which is intended to get more content on the site.

Whether it is successful or not has every bit as much to do with users feeling compelled to share and sell their stuff as having a great site. Apparently it has been quite successful for 3D Studio content (IIRC) etc.

Michele Bousquet said...

Thanks for your comments. We (TurboSquid) are still in the Beta stage, and your feedback is extremely important to us.

As for arriving on the page and seeing a bunch of 3ds Max objects, I'd be very interested to know what you clicked to get there. The site is supposed to lead you to RFA files, all from Revit, not 3ds Max content or imported stuff. I would really, really appreciate it if you would contact me at mbousquet@turbosquid.com so I can find out what happened. We most definitely do not want other users to have this experience.

All the items posted on the site are uploaded from users. TurboSquid doesn't make any of it, and none of it is the free stuff from the DVD. All the free DVD stuff is posted for free at Autodesk Seek, a different site entirely.

If you can find decent Revit content around the Internet for free, by all means download it. TurboSquid aims to certify all the RFA files in our Building Components media type. A certified RFA has been tested thoroughly and is guaranteed to be correctly parameterized, so you won't have to wonder if it will work. This came up in our user surveys as the biggest problem with free content around the Internet -- most of it doesn't work right when you change parameters.

I would be very happy to find out more about your experience with TurboSquid, even with a phone call so I can find out what you are clicking, what you see, what you like and don't like. Please email me if you would like to make a difference and help us make this marketplace useful.

Michele Bousquet

Michele Bousquet said...

Steve, one of your visitors did contact me and gave me some excellent feedback on the UI, which we will be incorporating into the next rev of Revit Market(within a couple of weeks). I hope others will be encouraged to do the same.

Michele Bousquet
TurboSquid, Inc.