Saturday, January 26, 2008

Do U Revit? and Revit Resource

I'm a bit late to the table mentioning these two relatively new Revit additions to the Revit"sphere".

First David Baldacchino has started a blog called Do U Revit?...I do. He is currently writing about the Revit projects he's taking through construction. I'm sure that you will find it useful to keep tabs on his blog. Welcome to blogging David!

Second is Joe Soliz's blog, called Revit Resource: Blogs by Topic. His approach is a fresh one, he is compiling a list of blog articles arranged by topic, by various bloggers. So consider his site a one stop shop for a topical listing of articles, short of a google search.

Welcome additions!


Dave Baldacchino said...

Thanks for mentioning Steve! I've been itching to do something and I hope to keep it informative and up to date (and positive).

Joe Soliz said...


Thank you for mentioning my 'Blogs by Topic' site. I hope other Revit users have found this site as useful as my clients.

It's about time I add some more links to your more recent articles.

- Joe