Tuesday, January 08, 2008

API Tools - Part Three - Steve Faust

Steve is a fellow member at AUGI and he's decided to brush up his programming skills and tackle some ideas he and his co-workers had. He recently shared the result of one such effort. This routine helps you assess the elements that are associated to a level. Here is a portion of his explanation at AUGI.

The reason I created this is to help out with times when you want to delete a level. Revit does not warn you about what is associated with a certain level, and therefore will be deleted when the level is deleted. We have had cases where minor levels were deleted and we found out later that some elements were deleted with the level that we didn't realize were associated with that level.

So, simply run this tool, which will give a list of levels in the project, let you choose one, and then show you all the elements on that level or tell you if there are none. It will also then let you select or select and show the elements.

If you are interested in using this you can DOWNLOAD HERE, must be member to download.

P.S. Steve credits Guy Robinson and Elizabeth Shulok with Structural Integrators with providing important support for his effort.

Thanks for sharing it Steve!!

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