Sunday, August 19, 2007

Update to U.K.'s Revit blog by David Light

David Light in the U.K. has been working hard at keeping his blog, simply titled "Revit", fresh lately. He started his blog quite awhile ago but fell victim the realities of having a day job and a life and he found his posting to be less than frequent. I can definitely relate to that myself. I'm pleased to say that he's either put aside his day job and/or life and found more time for the blog or he's managed to squeeze it in between everything else going on.

You might enjoy his Star Wars modeling exercise? His personal answer to the "but Revit can't do this or that" comment.

I met David briefly at Autodesk University 2006 and he told me that he was concerned that my "English" sense of humor might have been lost on the attendees of my lecture. His comment confirmed my fear that all those years of watching British comedy on public television here in the States, and my odd ability to remember lines in the Monty Python movies but not remember my children's birthdays, ultimately has had a negative effect on me. However, I'm not a total lost cause because in fact a couple of reviews of last year's lecture said, "could do without the humor" which proves that he is wrong because clearly some could tell I was trying to be humorous...unless they too were from the U.K.? Hadn't thought of that till now...hmmm

Be sure to keep the pressure on him to post by visiting his blog often!!

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Unknown said...


Thanks for the kind comments. I still have the day job!!! :) But working, two young children and tolerant wife has continued to keep me busy, so I was unable to put the effort in. However, I remember what you said about keep up the posts on my blog when we meet in Vegas. Its been ringing in my ears for the last 8 months!!! So I have forced myself to find time and this is the result. Anyway I hope we can catch up In Vegas in November? and BTW keep the humour in!!! Revit's about fun, soon as it gets serious it will become boring. :)