Thursday, August 02, 2007

Autodesk University 2007

As the planning for this event is in full swing and nearly time for registration I'll mention that I will be speaking at two lab sessions. We have a Revit Family Editor - Beginner and a Revit Family Editor - Intermediate scheduled, but the day and time aren't pinned down even though a preliminary schedule has them both on Friday, the last day when everyone is burned out and bleary eyed. Wow that was a long sentence!

Notice no advanced! In the exit survey's of my sessions last year the critical comments nearly all focused on the time dedicated to topics and the lack of truly beginner discussion. It seems I get pulled to more intermediate/advanced topics very easily and then don't dote on the beginner enough. No more! One class dedicated to you, the beginner, fledgling, novice... The second is geared for someone who has done a bit but not feeling that strong or confident yet either.

I hope to make arrangements to have an Ad Hoc advanced discussion in a room that is equipped with basic AV. The idea is that anyone who is interested in such a discussion could attend and share their ideas and ask questions. The group would provide answers and if possible even exercise a bit of R&D. I'm not certain this will happen but will be pleased if it can be pulled together. I'm hopeful.

Also want to mention that Matt Dillon has a lecture scheduled to discuss the broader subject of Revit Families.

See you there!


Matt Dillon said...

Thanks for the plug, Steve. Might I add tht my session will be more generalized, and will be earlier in the conference. Users might want to plan on attending yours after mine to get more focused, level-appropriate instruction.

Be sure and post the time of your ad-hoc discussion if you get it approved. I know I'd like to participate if I don't have a conflict!

David Kingham said...

That's unfortunate, I'd like to see a lot more advanced classes, yet another reason to not attend.

Jake Boen said...

I agree w/ David. It seems that we can't go anywhere to get truly advanced knowledge on the subject at hand. I'm starting to believe that AU is for the masses and perhaps Steve is correct in backing off of the advanced know how for them. Perhaps we need a think tank group that starts to meet. On another note I don't think that I'll be attending this year. :(

Steve said...

David and Jake,

Either of you could teach an advanced class on the family editor. What does a class that would make you want to attend look like? If we can pull of the adhoc discussion would that be of interest to you?

A great many people are using Revit now but their comfort level with the family editor just isn't at the same level as yours.

There are only 80 seats in a lab and it has been hard to get 80 people who have some commonality in needs in those seats. Some of that has to do with my repeated attempts to please everyone and not succeeding...eventually I'll realize that isn't possible or at least not with one session. 8-)

I hope you guys decide to attend, if for no other reason than I could use a couple great lab assistants to help me quell the fear and anxiety people feel about the family editor.

Aaron Maller said...


IMHO, its a double edged sword. I can see why they want more basic family courses. I think Revit becomes immensely more functional once users understand the basics of families, and parameters in families. But ive found (in my very little experience) that users making the move from simply modeling geometry in families to understanding why and how families can really help them, is a move that doesnt appear to happen naturally for a lot of the user base.

In any event, i think the ad hoc advanced get together would be a trip and a half, if it materializes. I would definetely be interested in attending, and/or helping with anything i can.

I just have to make sure i can sell the 5 on another ticket this year, hehehe. :)

Anonymous said...


Put me on your list for the discussion group details.

If you really need some lab assistants I'll be happy to volunteer, or any other help you need getting prepared.

Cathy Hadley

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my company won't send us all to AU. But on the bright side one of our guys is going. I have noticed that some of the lectures will be recorded and then posted on the net for later download. Do you know if your advanced families course will be included? I really would like to catch it. Thanks
Justin Black

Aaron Maller said...


We got approval to attend and got registered this morning.

If you still want to try setting up an Ad Hoc Advanced meeting, let me know if there is anything i can do to help.

We could get a post going on AUGI to see what other topics people would be interested in meeting about as well, in addition to the social events arleady planned...