Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"You Should Write a Book"...

Hello and thank you for your patience!!! I've been so busy that this blog has taken a back seat unfortunately. So what has managed to distract me?

First of all I attended the Revit Technology Conference in Sydney Australia the last week of October. I presented two topics, Family Editor and Massing. The trip was too short but a lot of fun and my friend and host Wesley Benn never ceases to amaze me. More info on this event in a future post.

Second, Autodesk University which just wrapped up this past Friday. I presented three sessions as I mentioned in an earlier blog post. More on this in a future post or two.

Third and the point of this post...during the last few years I've been told, "Steve, you should write a book". The folks at Wiley/Sybex thought so too, so I signed on the dotted line. I'll post a link to the pre-order page at Amazon in the near future. I'll post about my progress and sorry, no promises about actual release date, ha ha, just like software!!


Dave Baldacchino said...

Wohoooo! Awesome, congratulations :) My request: great graphics please.

Steven Campbell said...

sweet, thou it better not be a family editor book... I was suppose to do that.

coreed said...

see if your publisher will allow advance sales, even though the book is not written. i would purchase it today. i will read it from cover to cover, no matter what it is.
best of luck

coreed, aia

Anonymous said...

Ahh, out of the closet at last! Take a deep breath, smell the sweet air... Now get back in there and start pounding the keyboard!
Best of luck.

Blue Jay said...

Congratulations on your book deal. I can't wait until it's out.