Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oops! I Deleted the Titleblock! Now What?

When you create a Sheet View Revit adds a titleblock to the view. What if you delete it and don't realize it till later. How do you put it back? How can you just put a Titleblock on an existing Sheet View? There is no command...Symbol? No... Component? No... Tag? No... Guess you can't?

Here's two options, best one first:

Use Edit menu > Copy to Clipboard to copy a titleblock from another Sheet view

Use Edit > Paste Aligned > Current View to paste the titleblock into the Sheet View that is missing the Titleblock. (Also can use Edit > Paste Aligned > Select Views by Name if you managed to delete more than one)

You can drag a Titleblock from the Project Browser (found under Annotation Symbols category) onto the Sheet View. Take care that you won't be able to position this titleblock in the exact location the previous one was. That's why the first option is better.


Anonymous said...

You could also go to View>New>Place Titleblock (all the way at the bottom). The type selector is activated to allow you to choose which titleblock to place.

However, this command will not align the new titleblock in the same position as the deleted titleblock, so I agree that option 1 is the best.

I don't think I have ever delated a titleblock from a Sheet View, maybe this regularly happens to others. It seems, Autodesk could "protect" the titleblock from being deleted in the view while still allowing it's type to be interchanged as necessary. But, I believe that this is a very minor issue to the majority of users.

miabinks said...

Thank you!!! Option 1 worked really well for me! : )