Monday, September 11, 2006

Unsung Feature in 9.1

No mention of this in "What's New".

In past releases grids and levels cared whether you sketched them "right to left" or "left to right". What? Okay...when you drag a grid or level to change its extents Revit will drag all the other grids or levels along with it automatically as long as they have the same "head" and "tail" orientation.

In 9.1 they don't anymore. They align and behave together regardless of which way you sketched them. Thanks!! I like it!!

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Woojin Kim said...


Thank you for your article.
After read your article, I installed Revit Building 9.1.
and then, I tried to draw some grids and levels by sketching "right to left" and "left to right"
but I couldn't find the differences from earler versions.
the position of level heads are depends on the drawing directions.

Did I have to set somthing about levels or grids?