Thursday, December 15, 2005

New Revit 8.1 Build Posted

As the title says a new build has been posted. The following list of issues addressed by the new build was posted at AUGI by Tatjana Dzambazova, Autodesk Revit Building Product Manager, thank you!

Here are the improvements in this build since the last RTW (Release To Web) from September 14th:

  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash after changing a type parameter followed by an instance parameter.
  • Adds the Revit icon to the Windows Add/Remove Programs tool.
  • Corrects a problem that prevented some installs when using Windows 2000 OS.
  • Fix that allows for less memory usage
  • Performance improvements or save to central
  • Fixed a problem with lining up DWG files in Revit if they have far away origin
  • Fixed issues during rotation of roofs
  • Fixed crashes provoked by the offset command
  • Fixed crash provoked by editing Color Fill Scheme settings
  • Fixed a problem when that made ACAD'a Batch Plot Utility not work when Revit was uninstalled
  • Fixed the issue that select all mullions on curtain wall provoked crashes
  • Fixed a response lag when creating Ref plane
  • Fixed a problem with Plan region improperly exposing Structure elements in link file
  • Fixed an error in German, Italian, and French localized versions that prevented viewing parts of the Help file.
  • Improves install performance for certain aspects of German, Italian, and French localized versions.
  • Fixes a problem that caused the incorrect default template to be loaded in some localized Revit versions.

Check it out!

New build number: Autodesk Revit Building 8.1 - 20051214_2200

Here's a link to the download page


{Edit: A newer build has been posted, refer to the above number, was 20051205_2200}

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