Friday, December 06, 2019

Internal Origin Follow Up

After I shared the earlier Dynamo graph I received an email from Aaron Rumple that did away with any package requirements. He wrote a python script and added it to my graph. It also eliminates the warning message that appears after running mine. The crux of that issue is the need to filter out view templates from the process because while view templates are applied to views under the hood they are also least that's my layman's understanding.

Many thanks to Aaron, a real design software savant.

Download the new Dyn

As before, my graph allows you to include/exclude the internal origin, survey point and project base point. Just edit the settings of the Dyn before running it (see previous post).


Daniel said...

Thanks for this graph. Now, is there a way to get it to apply to View Templates as well? We've got a bunch of View Templates in use in each model, and it would be a royal pain to go through each one to turn it off.


Steve said...

It works on view assigned to View Templates too, at least it has for me so far. When the Site category is turned off in a view it doesn't do anything, not turn on or off the subcategories.

Daniel said...

Ok, now it worked on View Templates.

Thanks again!

Justin Shields said...

This graph is working great for me, THANK YOU!
I am getting a warning when running it saying,
"Warning: View.SetCategoryOverrides operation failed.
Specified View Template is not valid for this View."
But it still seems to be working just fine. But it isn't working on the models linked into our model from the Architect and Structural teams. Note I'm a noob with Dynamo, but I'm assuming that this graph is only working on our views/templates. Not digging down to the Revit Links tab to work there? Is that even possible or will I just need to go fix it it manually? Either way, super appreciative of you sharing this to us all!

Steve said...

It's meant to run in Dynamo Player, not in Dynamo itself. 3D View templates won't be altered by the Dyn. That might be the warning, though the way Aaron changed the graph I thought was catching that issue.

It only runs on and affects the active file. To turn them off in the linked files you'd have to open it and run the graph again. However you can still turn them off in your host file, it just doesn't alter their file. If the Dyn doesn't turn off the linked files too then those views are probably overriding the appearance of the link with Visibility/Graphics > RVT Links. The Dyn can't alter that override, you'll need to do that manually or with a View Template.