Thursday, August 12, 2010

Level Annotation - Elevation Units

Here's a quick video showing how to change the units of a Level annotation for elevation.

No time for a video, want to dash in and try to do it? Take these steps (added per Rusty's comment):
  1. Select the Level
  2. Examine it's Type Properties
  3. Find the Symbol Family it is assigned to
  4. Close the Type Dialog(s)
  5. Scroll to the Families category in the Project Browser
  6. Select the family the Level is using under the Annotation Symbols category
  7. Right Click > Edit
  8. Select the Elevation label, click Edit Label
  9. Select the Elevation parameter in the list
  10. Click the Format button, Un-Check Project Units
  11. Choose another setting
  12. Save the family and load it into your project
You should save this family as a new type in your office standards folder.


Rusty said...

Hi Steve. I've never been a fan of video tutorials as opposed to text and screen shots because they're a pain to refer back to, but I must admit you do really good ones and are converting me to appreciate their value, particularly in Revit as its interface has become more interactive.

Just one thing I think would make it even better: add a brief text summary so people can refer back to it without having to view the whole video again.

Thanks - Rusty

Steve said...

Thanks for the comments. I usually do include a text summary. I must have been up late and stressed about getting to bed 8-).