Friday, August 06, 2010

AUGI | AEC EDGE Spring 2010 issue is posted

The next issue of AUGI | AEC EDGE is finally out. Each issue is intended to arrive at the end of the season. Unfortunately my workload made it harder than usual to meet our intended deadlines. All that is behind me's posted!

Thanks again to the authors who make each article possible and this issue's authors are:

Lee Ambrosius, Christian Barrett, Elizabeth Chodosh, Lonnie Cumpton, Doug Eberhard, Jon Allen Gardzelewski, David Harrington, Trey Klein, Glenn Jowett, David Light, Jay Polding, Philip (Chico) Membreno, Keith Rice, and Daniel Stine

Now on to prepare for the next issue.

[Amended 9:00 PM] The magazine cover image at the magazine web site is still pointing to the Winter issue. The link on the left frame that says Online Version works. That and you can download the pdf versions.


Glenn Jowett said...

and me...!

The article looks good, thanks Steve.

Steve said...

Hey, sorry about missing your name. I added it!

Glenn Jowett said...

no worries.


Keith Rice said...

The links on the site seem to be still pointing to the Winter issue.

Thanks again for the opportunity to write the article about PAUG, it looks great!

Steve said...

Yes I see that the magazine cover image is currently linked to the winter issue. I've sent a message to get it fixed. The log in credentials I have don't work right now. The server underwent some changes and my access got disabled somehow. The online link on the left will work though.

Unknown said...

Great job Steve, I know that time hasn't been on your side. Look forward to ready the articles as there is some great stuff in this release. Thanks for linking to the blog...and I realize now I'm actually not that bad at writing. At least you didn't have to throw it back at me for a rewrite! :-)