Monday, January 26, 2009

That Other side of Mr. OpEd

You may have read this EARLIER POST? Obviously I've been a bit quieter on the blog than previous months.

I took the Holidays off and then some! I got sick during the Christmas Holiday, my daughter and then Wife followed. In the midst of all that we also moved, not far, but moved nonetheless so the kids could "keep" their current schools. Folks without kids may not be able to relate to that. It seems like I've had enough to distract me already but then this "other" thing came up and I've been doing that too (being secretive...sorry).

But the REAL reason that I've been quiet on the blog is THIS!

I finally get to cross IT off the To Do List! I picked it up on clearance just after Christmas when the music store was getting ready to move to another location and they didn't want to have to move it and I was willing to move it to my house. Now I have a problem when I walk into my office (when I'm actually home that is) drums or play blogger? Well you know how that equation has worked out so far! No worries, work is forcing me back into Revit mentally again, unfortunately you'll be hearing from me again.


Anonymous said...

Hard Choice to make. To bad you can't incorporate both as one. You go Revit Rocker.

Jon Stamps said...

Maybe you can get Autodesk Labs to rig up a way to drive Revit from that electronic kit.

Steve said...

Yes that would be interesting...a Roland V Drum input device for Revit! I guess I should have implied that was what it was for just to create a stir? Haha!


A way of integrating both may be... put it into a Family using Generic Models, chose Specialty Equipement category, then have it in your Revit Components library in order to insert it in a project whenever you miss it... je, je, je

Dave Baldacchino said...

Sweet!! I've always wanted to learn to play drums. Needless to say, my parents said "HELL NO!" (not in this language of course). But now I guess I could do something about it haha.