Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Which Objects Cut?

So how do you know which objects Revit will cut? Well you could look in the help files and read the chart.

Help File Location:


Or you could just open Settings menu > Object Styles and gaze upon the list of categories. Any element category with a gray box underneath the CUT column...well...doesn't.

Fwiw this image of the object styles was captured using the Scrolling Region function of SnagIT. This makes it easier to capture the information that isn't possible to report in Revit any other way.


David Baldacchino said...

I like this tip, however, there are exceptions. For example Braces, found under the Structural Framing category (Horizontal and Kicker Bracing) have a Cut option, yet they don't cut. Even beams don't cut, even though Structural Framing has Cut options. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Structural framing can be cut in Revit Structure but not in Revit Building. Not sure why Autodesk did it this way, but they did.