Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Need a Watermark?

At present it isn't possible to create a watermark with text on a sheet so that it is behind the drawing itself. That is, to allow the linework of the drawing to write over the top of the words of the watermark. Text wins! Drawing loses!

Here's one way you can...yes, work around warning!

Create a text string in AutoCAD...yes I said the desired plotted size in model space. Then import and link this string into a Legend View set to a scale of 1:1. Change the dwg setting to Background.

Now you can place this legend view on any sheet you need it on and it will be masked by the model and annotation but still be present. Since it is linked any update to the dwg file will show up in the legend view as well. Here's the result as well as examples of some alternatives that don't in view.


Dave Nilsson said...

Nice tip. I'll be putting that to use in the next few minutes.

Bruce Gow. said...

Good one Steve !
Anyone who doesn't have Autocad could export the watermark text from Revit to dwg and then import it using your proceedure.

- beegee

arccodex1 said...

I tried this tip, but the Viewport of the Floor Plan covers the watermark. If I put the text in Foreground I can see it, but not if I put it in background. I recently downloaded the latest build 20060124_2200 if that makes any difference.

Steve said...

Yes the plan view will cover the watermark when looking at it in the view. It will plot fine despite this though, try it out.

arccodex1 said...

hmmm.. I tried plotting it and it's not cooperating. I tried setting the dwg to foreground so that I could see the watermark. Surpisingly that wouldn't plot either.

Steve said...

What happens if you change the legend view to wireframe? I've not tried this on lots of plotters so it could be an issue for some? Can you send me an example file that doesn't work so I can see how you did yours. Perhaps you've done something slightly different than me?

arccodex1 said...

Setting it to wireframe was the key. Thanks Steve.

nancy said...

Dear Steve,

What does the word "revit" mean?"
I have not been able to find an answer on the internet.



Steve said...

Hi Nancy,
From a post at the AUGI Revit Community forums David Conant one of the earliest employees of Revit Technology Corp wrote:

"The Revit name is an invented word designed to imply revision and speed. Since our original name idea Perspective was taken by a spec application, we (Charles River Software at the time) hired a public communication consultant to assist in developing a name. Revit won out over a number of other proposals inlcuding Archadia and the one I found the oddest, Estuary.

In the end, although it seemed unique, Revit was also being used (and still is I believe) by a Dutch manufacturer of leather motorcycle clothing. Despite the number of interesting mispronunciations and parodies I have heard, the name seems to have worked quite well."

MatVinyl said...

Does anyone know a way of adding a 'watermark' to drawings in the way that the student version does?

I want to give an AutoCAD version to a client, but dont want him to be able to copy or give the drawing to anyone else, without having our copyrite details on them.

I understand that in the educational version, if you copy and paste any of the drawing into another drawing, that info also carries the watermark.

Anonymous said...


Reece said...

This doesnt work for me and Im not sure what Im doing wrong can you post a revit file showing this?

Rory said...


Has there been any update to this 10 years later? Any better workaround for watermarks in the titleblock in Revit 2016?


Steve said...

Not that I am aware of. I do know the technique still works (in 2016) the last time I tried it.