Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Void and the Revolve

 A tale of mystery set in ancient times...a fairytale of majestic proportions...

Sadly it's more mundane than that. This morning I noticed a distinctly Reviteristic situation while answering a client's question. To get a void to cut a revolve, their orientation to one another seems to matter.

If I create a revolve in the Front view of a Generic Face Based template and then create the extrusion in a side (Right/Left) view the void won't cut if the extrusion extends too far toward the other side of the revolve (seem image).

It took two voids on either side of the Axis of the Revolve to get a full cut of the revolve form (see image).

However if I create the revolve in the Right side view AND create the void extrusion in the same view one void is enough (see image).

Perhaps this is old news to some but it's definitely subtley quirky (which defines a Reviteristic for me). Next time you're taking a journey with a revolve and void...remember this? I'll try.

This was done using Revit 2020.2.4 BTW

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Unknown said...

Thank you! These are incredibly frustrating. Yet interesting.